Our holistic approach to the packaging design process is not a trade secret‚ it’s generations of experience.

We begin our creative process with communication. We understand that retail or product packaging does not live in a basement‚ instead it must create value in real-world applications. We capture the essence of “look & feel” through color studies, textiles and imagery. By defining goals, we focus on structure and materials‚ communicating specific cues to the consumer. Sketches‚ swatches‚ and a multitude of concepts are then edited to present the strongest ideas, supporting the vision and brand promise.


A solutions-driven process which considers functional requirements such as strength, fit, stability, and ease of assembly.

We use CAD to create and visualize designs that are creative and practical. We then use our cutting table for rapid prototyping of the designs. With such CAD/CAM technology, we are able to very quickly go through design iterations and arrive at the optimal solution.


NT affiliated partners work close together

To present a collection of retail and product packaging resulting from our collaborative process, wherein we include clients, agencies, and our international team to overseeing mass production at the highest levels.Through timeline management, logistics, and production process efficiencies we can work with you to launch based on a timeline, or present realistic solutions for the needs of a specific program. Our holistic approach designs creative solutions beyond packaging, we apply our process to logistics, material production, and retail execution. We work closely with our clients to deliver signature moments that build brands through experiences, and creating a physical connection to your brand.


NT provides cost-effective solutions through our technical expertise, affiliated partners. We also develop solid partnerships with our customers by thoroughly understanding their needs and requirements.
We service a wide range of industries, such as cosmetic, food, nutraceuticals, and personal care.